These are various political, social, and environmental organizations that I support with a percentage of the proceeds of my business.

The opinions expressed at the following links may not represent the values, mission statement, or opinions of Ashcrow Landscape Design or Lawrence Ziese.

Friends of the LA River: After spending time researching and visiting river projects all over the world, and studying how these river ecologies are so important to cities they flow through, the LA River is an area that is in dire need of redevelopment. The opportunities for natural and program systems all over the River is an idea that's time is ripe. I proudly support FOLAR's efforts and influence in this area.

The Coalition to Save Griffith Park: This group has always seemed to be in need of renaming their organization to "Coalition to Leave Griffith Park Alone". This group's desire to block development of freeways and unnessary construction in Griffith Park is a cause I support as a local stakeholder in the area.

The Jane Goodall Institute: While there are many different world environmental groups focused on the protecting the environment, animals, and natural habitats, I feel that Jane Goodall's approach of research, education, and conservation is a nobel one. I consider Ms. Goodall as one of the world's great treasures, and she is a personal hero of mine.

Arroyo Seco Foundation Once I explored the Arroyo Seco, I realized just how special it is. Hiking up the waterway from my house in South Pasadena all the way up to Altadena proved to be amazing, getting to see the area from the waterway's perspective. The ASF works to maintain the natural beauty of the area and protect it from invasive species and damage.