A residential design is more than just a creation of refuge from the everyday world, it is a significant home improvement that will increase a home's value 15% or more, and give you a true curb appeal. A great design will shade the house from summer heat, keep the house safe from flood in winter rains, and provide beauty all year long.

A great home landscape design will compliment your home's architecture, run with very little maintainence, and feed your family with fresh fruit and vegetables. It can store rainwater for those hot summer months, and provide a great place for get-togethers and family events.

A homeowner should always consider my services, because I create plans that not need to be replaced every year, but will in fact grow more beautiful each year. Here is a few examples of designs I have created, photographed five year later!

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New! See a before and after: a nightmare backyard transformed into a wedding spot!


Collection of some exotic succulents that the client memorized the names of... for curious neighbors! This wall gets watered once a week, and always is this colorful! We did the patio design, planting design, and hand planted the hanging baskets.
One of my favorite shade combinations. One of my favorite border combinations. One of my first succulent container designs. It still looks great!
Can you believe this used to be a weedy hillside? Now it bursts with color year round. A boring walkway transformed with a special maple. It now creates an arch over the walkway. Next to the low water sedge "lawn" sits different heights of bamboos and solar lighting.
A tribute to one of my favorite designers, this hillside has a gentle slope. Another shot of my hillside slope redesign. A walkway transformed into a low water oasis. Simple combinations sometimes can be powerful.
People who ask me why I love crib walls are often told to look at our work here. Another walkway using a traditional Japanese fencing design with recycled concrete flooring. A fun shot of one of my first commercial designs. I love how the variagated leaves work together.
A tribute to another one of my favorite designers. The garden following the pattern of the walkway. I love old brick walls, and no matter how I design, I try to accentuate them. One of my favorite solutions for difficult areas, native grasses!
Tropical gardens in Los Angeles? Sure! This used to be a garage and it was extremely hot. Now trees and a seat wall make this a comfortable retreat. This area is a popular area for the client's tea parties.
I would never deny a client's wishes to have healthy home grown produce. One of my first metal trellis designs. Last I heard this piece of art was stolen, it's a shame! Recovering a barren slope with clover for natural fertilization... with some bloodgrass for fun.
The old cherry trees of this divider needed some companion plantings, but they remain the stars. One of my favorite plants for difficult corners, lavender. When the architect showed me how the new building would be against the old one, with a tricky hillside, I planned for height.
One Japanese garden design I did early on, with some exotic plants that are only available one month out of the year in California. The mountain retreat of my client needed a place for the children to play, and for his parents to take their breakfast. A great place to visit.