From the article "Trends in Outdoor Rooms: Color and Sustainability" by Karen Apostolina for Arroyo Monthly April 2010 issue

Lawrence speaks with CNN's Brad Pomerance for HLN's local edition about his use of indigenous plants, his efforts to work along the Los Angeles River, and his design at the Los Angeles Arboretum's "Living Green" LA Garden Show

From Angelino Magazine, April issue, Lawrence is mentioned for his upcoming design at the Los Angeles Arboretum.

This is a collection of some of my landscaping graphic work. ALD is available for hiring for rendering work for presentations.

The Flamenco Garden design "El Corazón de Flamenco es la Canción". This image from the design shows my skills in photoshop. All images are actual plant images fit into the frame at their actual scales. The image is made entirely in Adobe Photoshop. The concept? Imagine a garden that invites visitors to experience different sounds with their feet as they walk through. Image a stage with a bowl shaped depression underneath that creates various sounds when stepped on it. Imagine plants designed to flare up and billow out, like the way a dancer's dress does. The entire design is found here, and is created entirely in Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign.

This is an example of how I can quickly manipulate CAD images (I used Vectorworks in the example) using Illustrator. In this design, a parking lot design, the design was to implement as many shade trees as possible for both pedestrian areas, but also in external gathering places. Working with a five story building required quite a bit of tree choices to make the scale around the building more comfortable, as well as compliment the building's imposing architecture.

This is an example of how to used a personal, hand drawn feeling to a drawing quickly using Photoshop over a large scanned set of plans. This design was a horse ranch up in the San Gabriel Mountains that had to work with low water, horses and their owners constant use, and the surrounding coastal sage scrub. The design uses full California native plants from the surrounding area, all non-toxic to the horses, with some variegated cultivars for color in focal points.

A student project called "Powers of Ten" that seeks to discover patterns looking at an area 1000 meter square that relates to designs at the 10 meter site. Here is a few of those "Powers" that takes some patterns of topographic features of San Gabriel's water channels carried into a garden that connects the user to the natural water features. All work is done in Illustrator.

Every designer seeks to find a signature style of how they express their work. For me, I love taking real photographs of people, and converting them into line art. The result is replacing the crude "pylon cone" people most designers with people with real facial expressions and attitude. Created in Adobe Illustrator with models courtesy stock models of Deviant Art.

An example of my hand rendering skills. This design was done entirely on trace using a Sharpee Fine Point and a handful of Copic Markers. The design was a concept drawing of taking a water diversion of a river channel in Pomona into a waterfall that cleans water before it goes off site and to the Pacific Ocean.

This is a series of models I did over my four years of study at Cal Poly, Pomona. Each were part of conceptual exercises in model making, craft, and precision. Needless to say, it made model making an interesting for me to learn to visualize landscapes, something that later progressed to my digital 3d design work later on.

Film and Written response to "The Emergence of Landscape Urbanism" by Grahame Shane (The Landscape Urbanism Reader, Charles Waldheim, Editor, Princeton Architectural Press, New York, 2006). The film, shot on a small digital camera over the course of a weekend, attempts to discuss the concept of designing urban spaces for natural systems, instead of architectural cities based on human efficiency. Made using iMovie on a Macintosh exclusively.