"If every American family planted just one tree, over a billion pounds of greenhouse gases would be removed from the atmosphere every year."

This quote from "50 Simple Things You Can Do to Save The Earth" is the spring that feeds the well of ALD’s mission to make this planet a greener, more habitable place.

ALD is devoted to the environment and protecting our rivers, streams, and natural habitats. As such, we are members of the United States Green Building Council, and support their LEED standards for green construction. We are well-versed in environmentally-sustainable techniques, and happily support our clients in their desires to have well-designed, low-maintenance and cost-effictive landscaping solutions.

Green design is not just a buzzword. Green designs will save you money.

• Low-water landscaping will reduce your monthly water bill.
• Reusing demolished concrete for retaining walls and pathways will save a fortune in hauling, delivery and labor costs.
• Planting a large variety of native plants will require less water, and also feed local butterfly and bird populations, restoring natural habitat to your backyard while enhancing the overall beauty of your home.
• Trees are like free-air conditioners in your yard: they provide shade and continually give off water vapor, cooling the areas around them.

Let ALD show how you can save some green by being green! It’s good for the planet AND your wallet!